4 Jul 2010

Here are the few of my favorite things

That’s is one of my favorite things: LIGHT through the curtain fabric which is very LIGHT. I love open window with organza dispersing the light in every particle of my room and in every molecule of my eyes.

There a many residents of my windowsill who also loves everything around, together with me:

That’s: heart-tracks from cheap petit counter on La Seine’s enclosure, I’ve bought few cards and run to conquer Paris further. And this bottle – I made it of the old cognac bottle, the binder-twine and underwater treasures of Red Sea, adding few beads from neighbor art-shop and straw from Mr. Downey’s garden. The sheep-flowers pitcher is for my plants watering, made of Cointreau bottle and paper tissue.

The plants -- fern, elephant's-ear (aka begonia, but I prefer Elephant sentence) and someone else are here:

And, this is the love-story-tedda from AV. Moist spring street with reflections of the street lamps on wet asphalt and we both went out from the small shop where he just bought this teddy, squeezeable and plush.

That evening was comme ça: one hand is holding tedda, other hand is captured by AV, --- and let it be, ainsi soit-il.

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