1 Mar 2015

(again) Some pages of my Carnet de Voyage

Fort Saint Jean à Marseille and small sketch during the breakfast 

and again Fort Saint Jean  and  the cloistre of Vieille charité
What I see on my table (after a wine party and checking my mailbox) and Nîmes -- Arènes, old Roman Forun  (2nd century)

Toulouse -- Running sketches on the Place de la Daurade and around

This is my sketch of the Boudain's sketch

My memories of my Saint Petersburg

and some pencil


  1. It's lovely to have a peek into your travel journal! Such a wonderful idea to keep your memories! And I love your drawing skills too!

  2. Erica, your journal pages are absolutely delightful. I LOVE your potted trees and your roses are simply beautiful. Welcome back! Have a great week! :)

  3. Alexanrda, Stefanie, Rose, Karen and Saskia! You're so cool and lovely! Thank you! !