5 Feb 2017

Les modèles nues

Hi there encore,

This is my short studio lesson in the 'Artisres Occitans' studio in Toulouse -- fast drawing of the modele, 5-10 minutes for a pose

12 Nov 2016

Old dairy and PANDA

Hi Salut ! Coming back here again !

I found my old dairy from Saint-Pétersbourg, c'est ça :



and panda  (kinda myself)

29 May 2016

flyers watercolor

My abandoned little poor blogg!! voilà my desining jobs with my watercolors there! Will you forgive me pls?

5 Dec 2015

De Paris

We've back from Paris recently and now I found few scraps of paper in my bag --

and made some little video mixes from files of my Iphone


11 Oct 2015

French breakfast

Do you LOVE croissants ?

So voilà my games with my camera and watercolors